First Nation, Metis & Inuit Services
Aboriginal Student Centre and Services
St. Clair College of Applied Arts and Technology is located in Southwestern Ontario, with campuses in Windsor and Chatham-Kent. Currently, there are approximately 80 students of First Nation, Metis & Inuit ancestry enrolled at the college. St. Clair College values each student as a unique leader.

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St. Clair College offers Aboriginal students a centre and services that provide a culturally based support system to its First Nation, Metis and Inuit student population. The First Nation, Metis and Inuit Student Centre is a place where (Native)-FNMI students are welcome to gather, to study, to access computers and to socialize.

Counselling services are available to assist current and prospective students in the areas of individual, academic, personal counselling and social support.

Native programming is available in off-site campuses accredited through St. Clair College. Anishinabek Educational Institute and St. Clair College have entered into a partnership agreement to deliver Aboriginal community-based programs on the Munsee-Delaware First Nation.

First Nation, Metis & Inuit Counsellor
The First Nation, Metis & Inuit Counsellor is available to provide support services through academic, career, and personal counselling for First Nation, Metis & Inuit students at the Windsor (South and St. Clair Centre for the Arts) and Chatham campuses. Stop into the office sometime and see what we can do for you.

South Campus - Room 133A
St. Clair Centre for the Arts - Room B014
Chatham Campus - Room 135D

Maxine Nahdee,
First Nation, Metis & Inuit Counsellor

Email: mnahdee@ เกมออนไลน์

South Campus, Windsor
Tel: 519-972-2727. Ext. 4677
Fax: 519-972-2395

Chatham Campus
Tel: 519-354-9714. Ext. 3332
Fax: 519-354-6941

Aboriginal Education and Training Council (AETC)
St. Clair College has an active AETC that gathers quarterly. These community and college members are advocates and ambassadors of the vibrant and diverse First Nation, Inuit and Metis student populations that are represented on campus

View/download: AETC Terms of Reference (PDF)
AETC 2013-2014 Committee Membership (as at February 2013):

Mark Benoit - Chair, School of Academic Studies (Staff)
Cindy Crump - Director, Student Services and Liaison to AETC (Staff)
Patricia France - Co-Chair
Bernita Brigham-Jacobs - Co-chair
Donna Grayer - Director
Chief Louise Hillier - Director
Maxine Nahdee - Counsellor (Staff)
Muriel Sampson Learner Advisor (staff)
Donald Salter Director


Native Community Worker - Traditional Aboriginal Healing Methods
This program emphasizes traditional healing methods and provides students with the unique opportunity to develop self-awareness and the mental and spiritual healing so often needed by care givers. An appreciation for native culture and the uniqueness of being a native person are combined with studies to develop specific knowledge and skills in the use of traditional healing methods in the counselling of Native people.

The program utilizes existing courses of study within the General Arts and Science program, as well as some which have been especially tailored for Aboriginal student's learning styles and need to explore their heritage. A special feature of the program is the College's support system for Native students which includes the Aboriginal counselor.

Native Early Childhood Education - Binoojiinyag Kinoomaadwin Graduates will be rewarded by their direct work with young children and their families as a member of a multi-disciplinary team. The opportunity for career advancement, financial and job security are also attractive characteristics in the field of early childhood education


As an Aboriginal or Métis student at St. Clair College, you may be eligible for funding to go towards your academic endeavours.

This funding may come in a variety of forms, such as scholarships, bursaries, or awards.

One such award available at St. Clair College is the Métis Nation of Ontario Bursary.

For a further listing of scholarships and awards offered at St. Clair College contact the Aboriginal Student Services office, or go to Financial Aid & Awards.

In addition, some First Nations or Métis communities may have funding available for students who require financial assistance. Contact your community's educational branch for more information.

For more information,
please contact:

Maxine Nahdee
Aboriginal Counsellor
mnahdee@ เกมออนไลน์
519-972-2727 x4677 (Windsor)
519-354-9714 x3332 (Chatham)

Muriel C. Sampson
First Nation, Metis and Inuit Learner Advisor:
South Campus, Windsor
Tel: 519-972-2727 x4734
Fax: 519-972-2395

Chatham Campus
Tel: 519-354-9714 x3332
Fax: 519-354-6941
msampson@ เกมออนไลน์

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